Lightning map


Map with lightning discharges (ground and cloud lightning) for the past 3 hours


  • ground lightning (discharges between clouds and earth)
  • cloud lightning (discharges within thunderclouds)

How does the lightning detection system work?

Lightning senso

Lightning sensor on the roof of EURAC

The electromagnetic radiation produced by each lightning bolt is captured by special sensors and processed in real time. An antenna (lightning sensor) is located on the roof of the European Academy (EURAC) in Bozen/Bolzano. Lightning must be captured by at least two sensors in order to be located. The exact position of the lightning bolt can be computed from the travel time of the electromagnetic wave and the signal direction of the antenna. There is a dedicated and homogeneous network of such sensors covering Europe.

Accuracy of the system

According to the operator NOWCAST, more than 90% of ground lightning is registered with a localization accuracy of 150 metres. It takes just 20-30 seconds to locate the bolt. A short time after the lightning will be shown on the website of the provincial weather service, with updates every five minutes.

Karte der Blitzdichte

Die Blitzdichtekarte der Betreiberfirma NOWCAST zeigt die Blitzverteilung im Alpenraum und den Nachbarregionen.

Blitzdichtekarte ©nowcast GmbH (Externer Link)