Mountain Weather

Forecast for today, saturday 24/02/2024

Slight improvement

Forecast for today, saturday 24/02/2024

General weather situation

The depression will tend to recede. However, South Tyrol will remain under the influence of moist southwesterly currents.

Today’s weather

Clouds will often restrict visibility and the sun will only appear in places. A few snow showers will pass through during the day, especially around the mountains of Ulten and Passeier.

WIND IN 3000 M
1 - light wind: 5-15 km/h
2 - moderate wind: 16-30 km/h
3 - strong wind: 31-60 km/h
4 - heavy wind: > 60 km/h
Rising: 07:05
Setting: 17:53
Rising: 17:51
Setting: 07:23

Last update: 24/02/2024, 11:00