Get the latest weather forecast on your computer or smartphone, always clear and up-to-date: the new RSS offer from the South Tyrol weather service. To receive our weather forecasts via RSS, simply enter the following address in your RSS newsreader:

What is a RSS feed?

RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") is a platform-independent format developed in order to exchange news and other web content, for instance our weather forecasts. The transmission of these new messages is called an RSS feed. The latest entries are usually represented as a list. The RSS feeds contain the heading and report in text form. In order to read the whole article, click on the link of the respective message and you will be redirected to our homepage. Here you can see the complete weather forecast, including graphics.
In order to be able to display RSS feeds, you need either a web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.), an e-mail program (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc.) or a small piece of software - a so-called newsreader.